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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.



Another one of my girlies...Melissa named this one as I stated in a previous post. I love how she turned out. Having so much fun with these girls and I had someone request that I make a stamp so I am looking into it...might try to carve one myself and see how it turns out...I have been looking at the stamp carving kit anyways and this would be a GREAT reason to pick it up. Think I will go order it now...
Here's Harmonie...
Hope She Makes You Smile...
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Valentines Page in my Book of Days Journal

I started working on this yesterday and got it finished up tonight. Personally I think Valentine's Day is way over rated. It's not because it has been a bad holiday for me, or because I don't have anyone to love or show me love. I just think it's a very commercial holiday, much like they have all become. It also makes me sad that such a huge deal is made about Valentine's Day and there are in fact people who have never had anyone special to celebrate it with. My husband and I celebrate by spending time together, and also by showing our love for each other every day. That's what the meaning behind this page is...to show LOVE, not just today (Valentine's Day), show it everyday...

always LOVE,


Happy Valentines Day

These are the coffee filter flowers that I made...I have another project in mind for them but in the meantime, I wanted to gather them all up and make them look beautiful for Valentines Day.
Hope your day was FaBuLoUs
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Book of Days ~~Home

This is the page I did for this weeks Monday video...
Home to me is not a place...it's a feeling...I have moved a lot, and everywhere I go, I take all of me and parts of the places I have been.
For me, when I walk into a home, it's not the material things for me that make it a place I want to be, it's the feeling I get when I am in that place.
No matter where I go, it will always be home, and I want people to feel that when they are around me.

I painted a little trailer because sometime's I feel like I've been so mobile...the roots below the wheels are my desire to stop moving and really plant some deep roots somewhere. The flowers in the window box are from where I have bloomed before...Little pieces of me that I have left but also taken with me. The stars in the window up top are my dreams, and the hopes that my children will be close to me wherever I go. The heart on the door is MY heart and what I hope you feel if you ever come to my home...

Have a FaBuLoUs Day!!!


Cowgirl Clad Company give-a-way

I'm posting this link  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cowgirl-Clad-Company/131902860154269 so anyone who see's can have a chance to win these AWESOME boots...
I sooo hope I win...the more you share the more chances you have to win.
Here is a picture of the GORGEOUS AWESOME FABULOUS boots...
Told ya they are AWESOME!!!!


Everything's coming up Roses hehe

I finally got a chance this afternoon to play with the coffee filters I dye'd over the weekend. Hoping to get a bunch more done tonight. Here's a little sneaky peaky...

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LIFE BOOK-Self Portrait

I finally got a chance to watch week 5's lesson in life book and I loved it...I had a lot of fun with is...I feel so lucky to have won a spot in this class...awesome people and great art...doesn't get better than that!!!
 I couldnt get my pen to write on the background so I put a color copy of the picture I used for the front on the back and surrounded it with the words I chose.

Below is the reverse side with the words that describe me.
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ATC Card

I received the awesome ATC made by Denise Phillips over at www.BirdnutsMixedMedia.blogspot.com in my mail yesterday for the challenge that I won.

I love it so much and she has inspired me to make more ATC's.

It arrived with a beautiful card and envelope (see pics below) and I can't wait to incorporate them both in a BOD spread.

 Thanks Denise, I love it.
Have a FaBuLoUs Day

Book of Days 2 page spread

I am a bit behind in my BOD but that is totally ok.

I finished the prompt about What I need to Tell Myself...

After a huge relocation and the very unexpected loss of my job, it's been a crazy year, but I know my that my time is coming. I just need to keep reminding myself to Bloom Where I Am Planted...I have had to do this more than once in my life so I just do whatever I have to to continue to Bloom. The second page is a map of the different places I have lived with a little flower in each state where I have bloomed...hehe

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Dyed coffee filters

I have been making a mess, and having tons of fun doing it...Added some water to regular acrylic paints and submerged the coffee filters in the cups of colors...I am going to make a wreath of roses for Valentines Day...I'll post pictures when it's finished. Here is a link to the blog post I got the instructions from http://jonesdesigncompany.com/create/a-pretty-autumn-wreath/

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This is the ATC I am sending to Denise Phillips over at www.BirdnutsMixedMedia.blogspot.com . I won one of the ATC's she made and my ATC will be featured on her blog with the other winners when she receives them all...
Cool right? Especially since this is my first ATC.
Here it is.
On another note...Tomorrow I am meeting my friend Casey that I met through Effy Wild's Book of Days online class...which is an absolutely awesome class http://effythewild.typepad.com/effy/. Casey lives here where I do and I'm really excited to meet someone this close that has the same interests in art that I do. Should be a fun visit...

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