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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.



It's not quite New Years yet but that's ok.
I am looking forward to the New Year and all the possibilities it can bring. It's been an interesting year.
Starting off the year and going 12 weeks with almost unbearable pain in my back was one of the most difficult things I have had to go through.
I am so thankful that I had my husband and my daughter to take care of me.
All in all 2009 was a good year and I have much more to be happy about than to dwell on.
I have so many hopes and dreams for this new year and I look forward to major changes.
I am looking forward to vacation in California so I can see my sister and her family and my bestie Renee, to seeing what else my amazing daughter is able to accomplish this year, and my son starting some sort of trade school or college. I am looking forward to my husband being able to take his CCNA classes and get certified so we can move forward in our lives and obtain the dream of home ownership down the road. I am sure many more opportunities for hope and change will present themselves.
So the hopes and dreams far out weigh the negative and this makes me happy.
So happy new year to anyone and everyone.




So I'm really excited. Scrapbooking from the inside out is going to release their January kit tonight. The previews are awesome and I signed up for 3 months subscription so I am guaranteed a kit YaY!!!!
I am still in the process of going through everything in my December kit which I just got last Saturday but like I said previously, this is the best kit I have received and I fully intend on subscribing to this kit indefinitely.

The theme for this kit is Possibilities...a New Year...an opportunity to embrace all of the possibilities of this New Year...so much to look forward to. I cannot wait for the challenges to see what kind of art I create.

Happy New Year early.



New Kit

Today I received a new kit in the mail. WoW was I surprised. I just ordered this kit on Wednesday and it got here in 3 days from California even with Christmas.
I ordered it from scrapbooking from the inside out and I was so excited that I already did a layout.
This is the most product I have ever gotten in a kit and the cost was phenomenol. I am so happy with everything I got.
Definitely check it out at scrapbookingfromtheinsideout.com

I made this layout for my husband for his birthday which is Tuesday. I know he will love it.
Thanks for checking it out.


Merry Christmas

Well our Christmas Eve is over so far. It was a great night. This whole week has been great. The best present is that I've had the company of BOTH of my kids and my husband all week. John came over Monday and is staying until Saturday and this makes me happy.

My husband gave me an Ipod 5th generation nano, a cook book that I had on my wish list, and a shiney new toaster. That is fab because my other toaster was only toasting one side at time so YaY @ the new toaster.
My son gave me the Twilight Woods collection from Bath and Body works and it is yummay.
My daughter gave me an awesome cover for my blackberry and a phone holder for my desk at work. The toaster was from her too...
My sister in California sent me a nutcracker Santa...we exchange santa's every year, and she also got be a fabulous pink princess bling clock for my studio....LOVE IT!!!! My mother stopped speaking to me 18 months ago so I didn't hear from her but I sent her a beautiful LeBien ornament and some shea butter socks from bath and body works....I RISE ABOVE...Merry Christmas mom!!!

Tomorrow, Christmas day, my son's girlfriend is coming over. I am making pork tenderloin with a peppercorn sauce, twice baked potato's, green bean casserole, ceasar salad and for dessert we are having key lime pie and also home style apple pie from Schwann's. It is going to be yummyliscious!!!! Melissa made a cheeseball today and I also have some other yummy appetizer'z to munch on until dinner is ready.

I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by, and in the hearts of my family and friends. It truly is a Merry Christmas...


Ok so here we are...it's Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and it is still snowing...we have gotten over 2 feet of snow. Hubby just got to work...took him 45 minutes...the roads are bad...the stores have been closed all day...aaaackkkk...I have to get my shopping done presents and food for Christmas day...I sure hope I can get out tomorrow....Here are some pictures of our snow snow snow...



Well yep...it's snowing here and supposed to all day tomorrow too...I took a couple of pictures but they don't come out too great at night...Ill take some when I wake up in the morning so my California friends can check it out while they are bbq'ing chicken in shorts...LOL...
This week has been very hectic. Work has been busy and home too. I feel like I have been out every night but have not gotten much accomplished. I still have quite a bit of shopping to do and now we are supposed to get a snow storm in tonight and all day tomorrow...
Somehow I will get it all done.
I have had no time for art since the last challenge I completed over at bad girls. I decided to sit the latest challenge out because I just knew I would be too busy. I am going to try to pick up a canvas tomorrow if I can get out. I want to make something for my sons g/f for Christmas.
Off to get ready for work...SO GLAD IT'S F R I D A Y!!!!


I have about half of my baking done...I need to run to Walmart after hubby leaves for work and get a few things so I can finish. Then I have to get it all boxed up and ready to send out to Calif.
I have been so frustrated with the post office that I have decided to ship UPS this year and hopefully I will have better results.
The last 2 packages I have sent through USPS were expensive, arrived late and in complete disastrous shape. That is unacceptable. So I will see how UPS takes care of business.


I am so glad it's Friday!!!! I had a bunch of running around to do after work tonight. I got everything I need to get all of the Christmas cookiez and goodiez made to send out to California. I will be baking tomorrow.
Here is a list of what I am making:
Chocolate covered peanut butter balls
Mexican wedding cookies
Peanut butter rice crispy treats
milk choclate fudge
chocolate mint browniez
candy dipped pretzel rodz
rolo turtles
cherry chip cream cheese cookiez
cream cheese sugar cookiez
rocky road

Sounds so yummy...sounds like a lot of work too but its really not. There are not a lot of ingredients in each of these recipes so I can make a lot of different things. If you see something you'd like the recipe for just let me know.
Ok I have got to get busy on the scrap book I am making for my mother in law for Christmas. My goal this weekend is to have all the baking done, the house and the tree decorated, and get my laundry done...LOL. Oh I have to address my Christmas cards too...I think I need a 3 day weekend...



I can't believe I haven't updated all week...I've been so tired this week and today I came home sick from work. I am trying to get my tree decorated. Got it up the other night, just have to get it decorated. I'm just so unmotivated and I don't know why. After being in bed all day I'm finally feeling better now that it's almost 5:00 p.m.
Melissa and I are getting our hair cut tonight. Ill take pictures and post later.



Well the sun is shining so bright today and with the snow it is blinding, but beautiful. Leo is having so much fun running around in the snow.

Below is picture of another project I am working on. It's called Wreck this Journal and it's a lot of fun to do. Each page has a different prompt to do something fun and the purpose of course is to wreck it lol. I got one for my daughter but she is not so much into it...I need to work on mine more too...time time time...where does it go...


It's a little after midnite here. We got over 6 inches of snow today. It stopped awhile ago now its freezing.
Hubby is working till 330 am which means ice...eeek...

Ok so I finished my challenge 4 of project 52...The pictures just do not do it justice...the colors are so vivid and sparkly...It was fun...

Woke up this morning to SNOWWW....weeeeeeeee...

It is still snowing. I have to run to Michael's and Walmart so I really need to get going.
Leo does not like the snow and he left me a reminder of that in my studio...BAD DOG!!!! NO BONE!!!!

Ok...heading out to get the things I need to finish my paper doll project.




I got quite a bit done on on my paper doll project last night but still have so much more to do. Did I mention there are horses in my project also???? oo00oo and lots of glitter too...hehe...

It would be so fabulous to be able to go home and spend all this time in my craft room. We are supposed to get snow here tomorrow so maybe I will get stranded inside and not be distracted by all of the mundaine things that I need to do and I can hide in my room all day. Oh I also have to get an album put together for my mother in law before Christmas.
I made her an album a couple of years ago and she gave it back to me to add some stuff but my style is so different now so I am going to make her an album she can just add the pictures to.

The paper doll project is due at midnite tomorrow night PST so I actually have until 3 am EST...thinkin I need to make a trip to costco to get some k-cups for my Keurig so I can stay awake...


long day

I have been up since 515 am this morning. We had our Christmas gift exchange and breakfast at work today but we have to do it before the bank opens...makes for a long day.

I have been in my scrap room working on my paper doll some more. I am just waiting for some glitter to dry then going to get some sleep.

YaY tomorrow is Friday. That is a wonderful thing. I have quite a bit of work to do on my project so I am looking forward to Saturday.



Well it is cold and raining here today. Bleh I don't like it.

I am going to try to do something creative each day even if it's only for a few minutes.
Husband is on me to get more scrap pages done as my oodles of pictures are taking up so much space on the hard drive. (he bought an external one just for the pics..what gives??) LOL he just wants me to make use of them and he really likes seeing the end result.

Right now I am working on challenge #4 for the Bad Girls Project 52. I have done the first 3 challenges and had so much fun. I really want to get this one done and my idea is super cool. It's a paper doll challenge and a blog hop and the winner will be guest designer in the next challenge..
How cool is that??!!!!

If you would like to check out the Bad Girls website and find out what being a Bad Girl is all about and get inspired beyond belief, hit this link http://badgirlskits.com/index.html and go check it out, you won't be sorry. The deadline for the current project is Saturday December 5th at midnite pacific time so you still have plenty of time to RAWK the challenge...so what are you waiting for...GO CHECK IT OUT!!!