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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


Late Sunday

Ok so I should totally be in bed right now...ughh...I have been up looking at pics of CHA all night.
I want to go sooo bad...maybe this summer...sighh...

I was so inspired my Christy Tomlinson's site and her tutorial she did that I did one myself. I found some awesome old books at goodwill today for 5 bucks!!! I made this for my daughters best friend in Virginia. She wrote me the most wonderful and moving letter anyone has ever written me. I am going to mod podge lined paper to the back of this and write her back and put it in a frame for her.
I know she will love it.
Thanks for looking!!!


Hello Sunday

Well today I went to my storage unit and I brought home 3 12x12 sterilite drawers of my paper and supplies..I just had to have them.
I changed up my brave girl journal page a little and did another journal page also...
Here they are.
Do you have an art journal. I would love to see. Leave me some love and your blog addy so I can see your beautiful art.

Thanks for taking a look.



Happy Saturday!!!

Wow...things have been crazy...I have been working my rear off but I L O V E my new job and the people I work with...
We are really getting settled here in Bentonville and everyday I love it more here. Everyone is just so nice!!!!
I am so much happier here and so is hubby and I know this is a tough transition for my daughter but I know she loves it here too.
She is now on the track team and has been working so so hard. We are so very proud of her and cannot wait for the meets to start.
Ok so I have been making time for my art journal. I promised myself I was going to be better this year. With 90% of my supplies in storage, I picked up 6 of my favorite colors of acrylic paint at walmart, some cheap-o brushes and of course some modge podge. Here are the pages I did this week.

I haven't journaled yet as you can see...that will come in time.
I think next time I go to Walmart I will pick up a bottle or RED...
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Soul Sistah

So today I am posting a picture of my soul sistah lol.
I am not able to take Melody Ross' Soul Restoration online class that starts on the 11th because of the big move we just made and $$$...so...I am putting away $1.00 a day until it's time for the sign ups for the next class in April.
Hubby has told me no worries that we will make up whatever difference is needed for me to take the class so YaY.
I dressed her up pretty and shiney so she doesn't get missed each day for that dollar.
Here she is............


Mini album for Melissa

Not only did I pick up a beautiful picture at Hobby Lobby I also got the Melody Ross Homespun paper stack for 50% off. I am using the cardboard from a 24 pack of Coke to make a mini album with these awesome papers. I am also going to print out some of the "little birdie told me" inspirational emails from Melody Ross and add them to the pages. I will be posting pictures of the pages as I create this album for my beautiful daughter.
Here is what I got done tonight.

Thanks for taking a look


Christmas in January

So it starts...hehe...Christmas in January. I went to Hobby Lobby, for the first time EVER today. WoW was it overwhelming. I had no idea...NO IDEA that they had soo much yummy stuff...so I found an awesome picture and Melissa and I took a phone pic of it and came home and showed it to Jonathan.

We called to see when the sale ended because it was marked at 50% off...the girl on the phone said the 50% off stuff was now 66% off and they were open until 630.
We jammed down there. Well come to find out the girl on the phone was WRONG but the manager had to give us the 66% off price and we got a $200.00 picture for $74.00...and here it is...I LOVE IT...hubby is going to hang it up tomorrow....weeeeeeeeeeeeee...
L O V E it!!!!!