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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.



My word for 2014...

INSPIRE:  To fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp to do something creative. 
inspire; 3rd person present: inspires; past tense: inspired; past participle: inspired; gerund or present participle: inspiring

I draw inspiration from so many people, and things, and I just hope that by sharing my art, and trying new techniques and finding inspiration myself as I journey through 2014, that I can inspire someone to try something new, to get creative, or find a new way to express themselves. I know art has opened up things in me I never knew before, and introduced me to some amazing people. So thankful for art and how it has inspired me.
These are other words associated with the definition of inspire. 
stimulate, motivate, encourage, influence, rouse, move, stir, energize, incite, inspirational, encouraging, heartening, uplifting stirring rousing stimulate moving affecting impassioned influential, arouse, awaken, prompt, induce, ignite, trigger, kindle, produce.

Have an awesome weekend



I finished this journal page last night. It started with an amazing Gelli Arts gelli plate print.
I ordered Jill K. Berry's TEXTures 2 stencil set from artistcellar.com and received them in the mail earlier this week. I think I even squeeled when I saw they had come...
Got home last night after a stupid day at work and just had to find my happy place...
I heard this song on the radio last week by Sara Bareilles, BRAVE, and I loved part of the chorus that said, I wanna know, how big is your brave...
It was perfect...

I used pink ink and my ink blender thingy and just started grabbing the TEXTures stencils, in no particular order, and covered the gelli print...that was Monday night. Got home last night and decided to use my black staz on ink pad just around the edges and I LOVEEE how it created another layer. Then out came the stamp..I used a foam stamp for the question mark, from a set I got years ago from Lisa Bearnson....man am I ever glad I got that set of stamps, I think it came with like 38 foam stamps and they are all AMAZING. I use them all the time..then I just used my letter stencil and did the words...
Ran it under my guerilla sewing machine for some texture...then I added the butterflies...I know I know I use butterflies a lot, they just speak to me, and make me happy...
Heres the page...

So there ya have it...
Go have an amazing day...and be brave...no matter what...just be brave...


Counting The Days To Christmas

Hey there and Happy Snowy Friday!!!
Here is my Design Team project this week for Creative Inspirations Paints and I am definitely counting the days to Christmas.
I will tell you this is not at all what I had originally intended on doing. I just went in a completely different direction LOL.

I started by creating a background print on my Gelli Plate using Garnet and Spring Green. I then used an old cardboard tube to create circles and painted over them with the Garnet and Spring Green. Got out my white signo pen and started doodling and turned the circles into ornaments. I framed the print with the black and white checkerboard Duct Tape.
Here's a picture of the background before adding the tree, and some close up shots showing dimension and the Deliquesce Black Embossing powder.

 I cut the Christmas tree by hand then covered it in the Resplendence Emerald Glitter, which by the way is so sparklie, then I embellished it with the clear Jeweled Inspirations.

I printed the numbers on cardstock. The numbers are from the Merry and Bright kit (awesome!!!) by Nancy Baumiller at Deviantscrap.com. I painted another piece of cardstock with the CI Sunshine paint then glued the numbers on and recut them. I adhered them to the border with pop dots. The green background paper is a piece of scrapbook paper I had. I inked the edges with a dark green ink pad.

I inked up the chipboard letters then covered them in the CI Deliquesce Black and they came out awesome. This is the best embossing powder I have ever used. I attached a a red ribbon at the top to hang it.

Here's the final piece. It's crazy and colorful and happy like Christmas!!!!

Here are the Creative Inspirations Paints and products I used with this project.  You can find them here. http://www.creativeinspirationspaint.com/

Hope this inspires you to go create something bright and funky.
Merry Christmas