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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


A few pages from my ROD journal

There are too many pages to show all so I have picked a few of my faves...Ill update pictures as I fill my journal .


So Excited

So I just saw on Facebook that I won the Unity Stamp today...I'm so excited and can't wait to use it...

Also excited that I got my signatures done for my Remains of the Day journal...now I just have to bind them in then start filling it up...decided I am going to fill it with my favorite people places and things...its going to be way cool...
Ill get some pictures posted of just my favorite pages since there are like 60 total...

Also last night I stareted my shabby fabby chunquie junquie journal...got the cover done and some inking...got the pages placed tonight but the glue stick I have is evidently minus the glue because the scrap paper is not sticking to the lined paper in the composition book...hmmmm...thinking I might have to order some helmar spray adhesive...yes...I think I will.

A few other exciting things are going on that I can't talk about yet...hopefully soon. All in all a very exciting night...



new pics

Some fun and colorful pictures taken this evening at the farmer's market and after I got home.


Close to my Heart products

Hey everyone...

I just placed an order with my CTMH rep...they really have some awesome stuff in their summer catalog and if I'm not mistaken their new fall/winter catalog should be out soon.
You can access their catalog online through my rep's website if you want to check it out...click on the link below...click on the products link on the left sidebar then check out the catalog's...
and if you'd like to place an order Maria can ship it to you no problem...


Thanks for checking it out..



Pages for my remains of the day journal

I have been working all day on my pages for my ROD journal...having so much fun...sewing sewing sewing pages...then....BAMMM...something snapped in my machine and I have to take it in TOMORROW...so I can keep working on this wonderful project...in the meantime...here are some pictures of what I accomplished today...OHH I also got my way cool shabby tie done for my journal...I went to goodwill yesterday and found a very awesome chenille scarf that someone left there just for me...heheee...I love it and think it looks fabulous...I also found a world atlas in the books...can you say MAPS???
I will update tomorrow on the status of my sewing machine =0(...hopefully it will be good news...



My first Remains of the Day journal cover

So I have been working on this every chance this week that I had...I finally got after it today, Saturday, and I am so happy with how it turned out...I have done a lot of sewing on this cover...all of the white areas of the fabric have been sewn in with pink or green color. Then all of the trim sewn on...I am having so much fun with this...It's not perfect but I like it that way...If it were perfect it wouldn't look near as cool LOL



Ok so yeah...so excited...I just got back from my vacation home to California and I have been waiting to sign up for the REMAINS OF THE DAY JOURNAL CLASS ONLINE and I DID IT!!!! I just got my email with all of the information and I am so excited to read and look around and get started...

Here is the link   http://dispatchfromla.typepad.com/dispatch_from_la/rotdoci.html

Also if you do a google search for remains of the day journal and click on images, there are tons of pictures of what other people have done in this amazing class and it inspired me tonzzz...

You have to go check it out ok...you will not regret it...if you sign up now you have access to the class through June 1, 2011 ...sooo worth it...Ill be posting pics as I progress through this journey...



Awesome Sites

For those crafters who may stumble upon my blog here, have you happened to check out Craftysteals.com and stitchsteals.com ??

If you haven't then do yourself a favor and head over to both...I am loving both of these sites and they have amazing deals. Everything I have received has been shipped immediately and arrived in excellent condition...

So what are you waiting for??? Go and check it out...



Father's Day gift

I know I know, Father's Day was like 2 weeks ago. I left for vacation right after that and just have not had a chance to update.
I got this idea online and here is the link to where I got the instructions.http://transparenttouches.blogspot.com/2010/05/fathers-day-project-chinese-take-out.html
It was a really easy gift to make and so easy to personalize.
Hubby loved it too.

Thanks for taking a look



Hi to all....

Emily over at "Through Emily's Eyes" is having a give-a-way. She obtained some of the previous Bad Girls Kits when Wendy Rago had her sale to help the vicitms in Haiti. The whole story is over at Emily's blog. Go check it out and sign up to win this amazing kit. Be sure to skip around Emily's blog as well, her stuff is amazing.


Thanks for checking it out.