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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


Goodbye 2012

Wow...really am so glad this year is over...There are definitely some things to look back on in celebration, but unfortunately more bad than good.
I refuse to dwell...it stays where it is, in the past.

2013 please be good to me, to my family and those I love and care about.

Happy and safe New Year to everyone.



Flutter High

Ok so yes...I am obsessed with butterflies...I just love them so much...I am so so happy with how this latest stack is turning out.

I am seriously thinking about having various cards from my different stacks printed up into note cards. I have an Etsy shop set up but nothing in it...

I added the text to this at picmonkey.com a site that I absolutely LOVE...definitely check it out, it's free and amazing.

Im going to have a piece of lemon meringue pie and go to bed.

Have a wonderful everything.



Quote stack progress

I made some progress on my butterfly quote stack today. Also made pies for Christmas and got the rest of the presents wrapped...Merry Christmas


Butterflies everywhere

I'm working on another inspiration quote stack. My goal is to achieve a patina look on the cards and then put a butterfly on each one with one word of inspiration instead of a quote...so I guess you could call it an inspiration word stack...LOL I don't know.

I have some color on the cards and the butterflies all cut but I have to get to that patina look. So off I go to see what I can make of them...in the meantime here are the butterflies I cut out today...I actually cut out more than this but they were way more colorful and I decided not to use them for this stack.

Merry Christmas.

Thanks for checking things out.


With All My Heart

I have been recycling all kinds of cardboard lately and I decided to use cereal box tops this time. I had initially planned to use them for tabs for a journal but went a different direction. Background...Lots colors and the white is all texture paste. I did the heart with my water soluble oil pastels and just used my fingers to blend, then tore the edges for the look I wanted. I love how it turned out. Hope you do too. I am going to mount the piece on a black canvas so it really pops. Going to pick up a canvas tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.


Prayer Flag for Newton, CT

After what happened in Newton, CT last Friday, so many people are coming together to do anything we can for this entire community. I personally cannot even begin to imagine the scope of what this community is going through, so I wanted to be able to participate and do something.

On Facebook so many people are doing different projects to send art to the community to help in healing and I chose to make a prayer flag to send. Below is a picture of what I am sending. If you would like to participate please click on this link https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-hope-flag-project/498268640213821 .

Thanks for stopping by.


It's been a little bit crazy and I got a little distracted but found some time over the past week to work on a little piece of art. I am actually going to make this into a banner since it is 3 separate pieces but in the meantime I am trying to find somewhere to have this printed out in 4 x 8 so I can send it out for our Christmas card this year.
I love how it turned out, its funky and colorful and tattered and layered and just a lot of fun.


Ok...this is what has been keeping me busy...The 2 white journals each have 2 signatures of 90lb Canson Mixed Media paper...the other ones are done Remains of the Day style with all pages sewn and lots of ephemera and pockets and places to tape, staple, glue and store all of those special things you have been saving and don't know where to put...also tons of room for journaling...

I have also made a total of 4 inspiration stacks...no more pics tonight though...Ill post those soon...here are my journals...they will all be for sale soon.

A few little finishing touches, and the signatures sewn for the Burlap Floral Journal and these will all be for sale...

Thanks for stopping by...
Have a FaBuLoUs evening!!!


Wow...it's been a month since I posted...it has just been CrAzY ToWn!!!! Hopefully things will calm down...I have actually also been very busy working on some journals...I have 4 handmade journals ready to be sold and one more that I am hoping to have completed before the end of the weekend...

Hubby is going to get a wesbsite set up for me so I can start selling some of my things (hopefully)...he has been very busy with his recent promotion at work but I know as soon as he has time he will get it done for me...

I received a call this morning from a company that I interviewed with just a few weeks ago and they wanted me to come back in. They initially had decided not to fill the position the first time I interviewed but due to a high amount of work they have changed their minds...I am hoping hoping to get a call early next week with an offer of employment...It would be AWESOME!!!!...

I will try to get some pictures posted tomorrow of the journals I have been working on...I totally love them and I really hope everyone else does too...they are made with love and in hopes of inspiring other people to make art...whether it be just gluing, taping or stapling things into already embellished pages, or buying a blank one and filling it with their own art... <3 p="p">
Have a fantastic night.


My favorite quote

Ok...finished the graffiti stack...I am keeping the below card for myself...I love all of them, it's so great that no two are alike. I think that is what has be so drawn to doing these. This quote though, rings so true with me, and different things I have been through. I love it.

Hoping to start on another stack this afternoon. I think I am going to do a butterfly stack. I found a whole bunch of butterfly quotes and I soo love butterflies.

Have a FaBuLoUs Day...and make some art...it's good for you


Halloween Project

I decided to take a break from my inspiration stacks today.
I love Halloween so much, and I haven't really gotten my stuff out yet this year...that will entail digging through the tubs in the garage to find all my holiday goodiez since the move.

I am going to try to tackle that tomorrow. Today I decided to work on something new for decoration.

I haven't done one of my "girls" for awhile so decided to go in that direction. She is still a work in progress, but she is coming along really cool. Her hat and her hair and her skirt are so dimensional. I am going to add a broom to her right hand tomorrow and maybe some pumpkins along the bottom. I'm also going to go to the dollar store and get some plastic spiders to glitter up and put in her hair and on her hat band.

I cute her out and glued her to a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper before I added her hair. Fun stuff.

Here she is so far...haven't named her yet...
Thanks for stopping by.


Graphitti Inspiration Stack

I started this stack yesterday...My intention was to make a pink stack and layer with mostly black and white...I did not like how the pink looked AT ALL...I used 5 different shades but the color just looked dull...
I got out some of my mists and just started spraying...I needed to do something to change them up quickly without having to repaint them all and this really worked...
Tonight I got out my stencils and some paint and started layering. I love the direction this took the stack in. I really like how the black made them look graphitti. I am in the process of adding washi tape and some shading around the edges.
Here is where I am at this point.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look


Another card stack finished.

Well, I got laid off again last week, so I have had a lot of time to do art...I'm working on a few things but I finished another Inspiration Card Deck last night. I am going to start another one today. I just love doing them. Gotta get my deck sent to Jessica Brogan for the swap when I go to the post office tomorrow.
I cannot wait to get my swap deck back with beautiful cards from artists all over the world.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


Mail Art

I'm sending my daughter something we picked up for her at Bikes, Blues & BBQ this weekend so I decided to fling some paint on the envelope...so much fun...this is the end result...

Ooo also I got something awesome in the mail today that I ordered last week...Desire to Inspire...gonna do some serious reading...and I'm really looking forward to reading this book.

Have a FaBuLoUs Day!!!



Finally getting some quotes down

Working a little on my Inspiration Deck this week...between work, and Bike's Blues and BBQ I haven't had much time this week but I am accomplishing a little.

I ordered the book that Jessica mentioned in her blog post, Desire to Inspire, and I am really looking forward to getting it...I am on limited time right now so I will post links later to Jessica's blog and also the book.

Here are a few of my cards with quotes...

Have a FaBuLoUs Friday!!!!


Mail Art

I whipped this up last night to drop in the mail for someone who inspires me to do new things...

Can't wait for her to get it....

I have a lot of envelopes...I think I will do some more of these...
Have a FaBuLoUs evening!!!!


More of the process...

Been working some more on my cards today...added some gesso circles and sewed around all the edges...now to add the quotes and a stamp...then seal then done and onto another deck...I am so loving how these have turned out. I can't wait to get started on some more...

Inspirational Quote Deck Swap

I've been working on my cards for the swap...I can't stay away from them...I love how they are turning out and I am so excited to know I am going to get a completely unique and one of a kind deck in exchange for what I send.

Check out the details here... http://www.insearchofdessert.com/?p=8428&cpage=1#comment-18891

I think I am going to make a few to send to very special people for Christmas...I just love this idea and want to share with everyone.

I will be adding more layers and sewing to these before I am done...
Have an awesome day


September ATC Swap

Here are the 2 ATC's I made for the swap over at birdnutsmixedmedia.blogspot.com

Fun stuff!!! Go check out the swap, there's still time to enter.

Thanks for stopping by.

Inspiration Deck Swap 2012

Just in case anyone is interested in signing up for the swap I mentioned in the previous post, here is the link to the site http://www.insearchofdessert.com/

Definitely check it out.

Have a FaBuLoUs Day!!!


Wow...where have I been???

I hadn't realized it had been this long since I posted...things have been a bit crazy and off kilter...
I can say that these last few weeks have been a huge test for me...seeing my child in a devastating situation but at the same time having to deal with her being in total denial. When someone changes so drastically, literally overnight, it can be very hard to reach them, and when it is your child, it takes it's toll on the heart and soul.

The end result was that, because she was not able emotionally to see what was happening, and all of the decisions she was making were so destructive, I had to step in. My only option was to put her on a plane and send her 1800 miles away to live with her dad. This has been one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make, but I had to put my personal feelings aside and do what was best for her. So off she went with nothing but a suitcase and her puppy. I hope and pray every single day that with time, she will allow herself to go through the process of healing and see, once again, what an  awesome, beautiful young woman she is, and that she deserves so much more than she so abruptly settled for. I have all the faith in the world in her.

So my mojo has kind of disappeared through all of this chaos...but I am getting it back.

I have been working on some backgrounds and made a couple of ATC cards for Denise Phillip's September challenge.

Then today, on facebook, I came across a link for a inspirational quote deck swap...oh man this is just what I need right now and I am SO GLAD that I found it. I am all signed up and really excited and looking forward to the end result.

I have also decided I am going to make a deck to send to my daughter...pieces of me, inspiration and hope for her, and also love and healing. I can't wait to get started.



Sea of Love

I journal page for the Mermaid Diaries.
I love the song, Sea of Love, especially the version done by Robert Plant and the Honey Drippers.
It inspired me to do a journal page, thinking of my husband while doing it. I love him so much and don't know what I would do without the love he returns to me and all of the support he gives me. He believes in me and that is PRICELESS.
I love the intense color that I get from my Portfolio water soluble oil pastels...only thing I don't like about them is finding something to write on it after they are dry. I ended up having to use white acrylic paint and a fine liner...took awhile but it was worth it.
Thanks for stopping by.


Recycled Day Planner

We recently got everything out of storage and to the house, and in going through things, I found an old day planner from 2007...
I decided to recycle it and use it for another journal...
"The Mermaid Diaries"

I had so much fund with this one...Used my printables from deviantscrap.com and the always amazing Nancy Baumiller.
Go get ya some!!!!

Now to fill this journal with even more mixed media and journaling.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a FaBuLoUs Day!!!



Here are the 2 ATC's I did for the July swap over at Ms. Denise Phillip's blog birdnutsmixedmedia.blogspot.com

I waited until the last minute (sorry Denise)...
The theme for this month was Nature, so I did a serious one, and a silly one..love how they both turned out and can't wait to send them on to Denise.
She teamed up with Kristin Hubik of Retro Cafe' Art  www.retrocafeart.com for this month's prize of a $25.00 gift certificate and some super cool lazer cut outs...

Definitely check out Denises' blog for details on the next give-a-way.

Have a FaBuLoUs Day
Thanks for stopping by


Art Filled Weekend for me

I gotta get my art on this weekend...

A little teaser...

I've been asked to do some designs for one of our 3 booths for Chicago CHA...I'm really excited for the opportunity and the exposure. Hoping to end up designing something for each booth...I mean c'mon....7 Gypsies...Canvas Corp., Tattered Angels...all amazing products and endless inspiration to be working with....

I plan on incorporating some of Nancy Baumillers work that I got over at the awesome deviantscrap.com and Crowabout Studio's...

Now to make the magic happen..

Can't post pictures yet...but when I can I will...


3rd ATC for the swap and contest

Ok this is my 3rd ATC for the swap and contest over at Denise Phillips blog birdnutsmixedmedia.com

She Dreams With Her Eyes Wide Open...a day dreamer yes? ALWAYS...nothin wrong with dreaming at anytime as far as I'm concerned...I am living proof that dreams do come true, so KEEP DREAMING!!!

Have a Fabulous evening and thanks for stopping by


1 more ATC

LOL...My girlfriend Kathryn is so funny...she always makes me laugh...when she saw my posts on Facebook showing my ATC's she said she would love one that said...But What if I Can't Find My Big Girl Panties...she saw that quote on Pinterest, so I got my goodies out again and made an ATC that I am going to take to her at work tomorrow...

I LOVE how it came out...and the girl on the ATC kinda looks like her so it's even funnier...

Thanks again to the amazing Nancy Baumiller and Crowabout StudioB over at Deviantscrap.com for the downloads...I love them TONZ.
Thanks for stopping by ...
Be FaBuLoUs

Some Good Advice

My 2nd ATC for the swap and coupon giveaway with Nancy Baumiller of Crowabout StudioB and Deviantscrap.com

Go check out the details over at Denise Phillips FaBuLoUs blog birdnutsmixedmedia.com

I am having sooo much fun with these...
Thanks for stopping by...
Have a FaBuLoUs Day!!!

ATC Card

I'm taking part in the ATC Swap and contest for a $25.00 coupn from Nancy Baumiller and DeviantScrap.com and this is 1 of 3 ATC's I'm sending Denise Phillips who is hosting the swap.

Definitely head over to check it out...here are all the details...

June 2012's ATC Swap and $25 Coupon Giveaway with Nancy Baumiller of Crowabout StudioB at DeviantScrap.com
Woo Hoo!!!
Come get all the Details on how to Enter at

Im working on my second ATC now...I'll post pics when she is done.
Thanks for stopping by...



So happy to be in a house, with my own room for all of my artsy goodness supplies...
I still have a lot to do, shelves need to be put up and peg board hung...it will happen though.

In the meantime I have all of my favorite things within reach and I am loving being able to do my art again in my own space...

Also loving that we have a printer now that is GREAT and I was finally able to download some awesome printables over at deviantscrap.com and I LOVE them...the possibilities are endless...

Last weekend I made the love notes envelope out of half of an old inter office envelope I had hanging around. I decided to put the other half to good use and completely altered it...

I am using it for the cutouts from my printables and it is going to work out FaBuLoUs...
I used corrugated cardboard, acrylic paints, glimmer mists, glimmer chalkboard, white paint pen, inks...lots of stuff...

Here it is.......
I love how it turned out and it will remain out on my art desk every day...it is full of yummie-ness and wonderful art just waiting to be used on layouts, in my art journal, for ATC's...like I said...the possibilities are endless...

Definitely head over to deviantscrap.com and check out all of their digital and printable art...its really is amazing.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a FaBuLoUs EVERYTHING...and don't forget to MAKE ART EVERY DAY!!!!


I wanted to play with my Glimmer Mists and glam...got out my water soluble crayons and drew my girl...got her all finished then colored in the background...I am totally in love with the butterfly stencil from Tattered Angels so I decided to giver her wings...I masked off what I could and used a pink Glimmer Mist and I LOVE how it came out with the yellow/green almost spotlighting her.
Her crown is bent so it pops from the page for dimension and covered in a few shades of Glimmer Mist...I then covered the crown, and her dress in gold Glimmer Glam...

Really wish you could see her in person she truly glows and shines...
I got a new laptop and I don't have photo shop so I can crop...rawr...Have to have hubby load it up for me...
Thanks for stopping by


Oh my gosh...it seems like it's been forever...First my daughters Senior Prom, which was amazing...then the move from the apartment to the house...Then graduation and out of town company...trying to unpack...

Things are finally coming together and today I was able to get a lot of my art supplies unpacked...
I still have a lot of work to do in my studio, it is not near where I want it to be but it will get there...
I have to wait until my husband is home next Saturday with me so I can have him move some furniture around...I am also looking for some vintage storage and shelving for my room...

I did however find the time and the space to do some art today...
I found an old inter office envelope that I had cut in half and decided to make a Love Notes envelope out of it...

I used acrylic paints, Glimmer Mist (love), some jute and a canvas tag from Canvas Corp. and some ink and rub ons...a little bit of everything, but now I have a colorful and special place for the love notes my husband and I leave for each other.

Thanks for stopping by


Huge give-a-way over at http://donnasalazar.typepad.com/

She is giving away a T0N of awesome products...definitely go check it out.

Just getting moved into the house and having my studio again I would love LOVE to win this give away.

Go get your chance to win.


It's been quite awhile since I've posted...I've been so busy with the big move...we found a beautiful house right on a lake and now I am just trying to get everything unpacked with not a whole lot of time to do it.

I am hoping to get my studio set up today and tomorrow. My back has been badly affected by this move and I have to take things slow but I am determined to get things done so I can get back to ART.

Have a FaBuLoUs Day


Meet Carmen

This is a work in progress...I am actually going to end up drawing her on a canvas for my friend Kathryn's daughter Carmen once I get my studio set up.
We got the house we wanted so YAY...we will be moving soon...
So here is Carmen...
Thanks for stopping by


Mi Vida Loca

Wow...My life went from zero to turbo overnight.

 We are looking for a house to move into. Gave our 30 days notice and so far have had 4 houses rented right out from under us. Hubby went and looked at an amazing house yesterday and we are waiting to hear if we got it or not.

In 2 weeks it is my daughters Senior Prom, so we are getting ready for that. The weekend after that we start moving, then 3 weeks after that is graduation. Out of state family from 5 states flying into town...it is crazy insane.

Unfortunately my art has been put on the back burner but I will get my studio set up once we get settled and then I can play catch up. It will be so fantastic to have a studio again. We have been in an apartment for 18 months and my studio has been my dining room table, so yah, definitely looking forward to some space.

We have also gotten permission from the owner of the house we are waiting on to paint, so I can really make my studio space my own. I hope we can stay where we move to for a really long time because I am so tired of moving. As tiring as this all is I am still so excited.

so many exciting things happening.


Late night drawing

I have been so busy at my new job, which I LOVE, but too tired after getting home and doing the dinner thing to do any art.
My weekends will be consumed with packing. We found a house and if the owner does not get a bid at his open house today he is going to let us rent it. It's a nice house in a great neighborhood and we may be able to buy it in a  years time. A wish...A dream yet to come true, but I do believe it will happen, so I keep wishing, and dreaming.
Everyone was asleep last night and I was just sitting on the couch, so I grabbed my book of days and my oil pastels and just started drawing. It was a quick draw, but I really love how she came out.
Wish...Dream...and Believe...and it will happen...
Have a FaBuLoUs everything!!!!


Project Completed...maybe lol

I did this piece awhile back...I am trying to finish up some unfinished projects today.
My new job, which I LOVE, has kept me very busy and I haven't had time to start anything new.

I decided to put this in the back of a canvas and I really love the dimension it ads to this piece. I might do some white line work around the outside edge but not sure yet.

There are layers of paint, paper, denim, lace, corrugated cardboard, inks, staples, and lots of sewing. I made the flower in the middle of the heart. I love how it came out..

So..When Your Heart Speaks.....Take Good Notes...

Thanks for checking things out