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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


The heart I share with my family

I did this page today while hubby was napping. My heart has been through a lot. Cancer as a young mother, divorce, being disowned by my family, the loss of my father, and this August it will be 3 years since my mother has uttered one word to me. I love my mother, but her heart is dishonest and unforgiving and I know that I never ever will be that way because of the way being treated like that has affected me. My heart is tattered and scarred, but it is also so full of love, and it is happy and full, and it is a giving heart.

I think we don't always show our best heart to our closest and most loved ones. For me I know I can be honest even if it hurts  but I believe that is the best way to be. It is never my intent to come across angry or mean, but I think sometimes that is how it is seen. I love my kids more than I could even begin to describe. I know how very lucky I am to even be here to see them grow into adults. And I have had a second chance at love and it has not been easy, but my husband loves all of us, and I love him so very much. Seems the more time we spend together the better we are. I know that even if I don't always share my best heart with my immediate family, that they still love me.

Thanks for taking a look =0)


Happy Memorial Day

What a beautiful day here. I hope everyone has had a nice holiday.
I am waiting for my daughter and her friend to get here. We can't barbeque so I am just making some chicken tenders, rice and gravy, and some mixed veggies. Then hubby can have biscuits and gravy for breakfast when he gets home from work in the morning.

So I did two more journal pages in my 3 hearts journal. Both of these describe hearts I share with the world.
It's no secret to anyone who knows me how much I love my husband and that is the first heart. The second heart is how I describe the heart I share with the world.

Thanks for checking out my art.


Journal Page

I am using an old day planner for an art journal and this is the first page I have done in it.
I absolutely LOVE this style and it is a first for me but definitely not the last. I have been cutting magazine stuff all weekend and I am going to fill this journal up with this style of art.
Here is what I did today.
Thanks for checking it out.


Fierce Love

So today I finished this page in my journal. I really like the idea of incorporating cut out's from magazines into the journal. I am pretty sure I will be doing a lot of this.
I have a teenage daughter and her magazines ROCK so she gave them to me and I am finding the coolest stuff. Seventeen and Cosmo Girl are what I am working with and the colors and extreme fashion and just cool stuff is awesome.
So here is the journal page. Well this is where I am at with it now. I thought I was done but I may do a little bit more. The heart is a perfume bottle I cut out from one of the magazines...I LOVE it. Around the outside of the heart it says...My love is fierce and never ending and I will do anything to protect the contents of my heart.

Thanks for checking it out.
Have a great day


Another Journal Page

Happy Friday!!!

I actually started the background for this page yesterday when I did the other one. Finished it today.
I used the tag that I made previously on this page. I tied it onto the page for now because I want to have it photo copies to use in the future possibly for other backgrounds.
So here it is.
Thanks for taking a look...


First journal page in my 3 hearts Journal

So I finished one page...tons more to go...I love hearts...I love the concept of this whole thing.
Can't wait to see where this journal goes.
Thanks for taking a look.

She Has 3 Hearts

Hi everyone,

I have been watching the vid's this week for the Christy Tomlinson class that started Monday, She Has 3 Hearts.
Just for week one there are 28 video's. It's cool because a lot of it is just going into products and how you can use them. Different techniques etc.

I am almost done with the cover I am doing for the one journal and have started on a page. I have to go out to my daughter State ring award's ceremony for track at her school tonight then I'm hoping to finish so I can post some pictures.

Im excited about this class. If there was anything at all that I could buy in addition to what I already have, I would buy the Pan Pastels. Good things come to those who wait though and there are more important things going on in my life than pan pastels.

Hopefully I can post some pictures tomorrow.


Sunny Saturday

A beautiful day here today in NW Arkansas. Got outside for a little while to the farmer's market and the Sam Walton visitors center re opened today and it was so awesome.
I have been applying left and right for as many jobs as possible at Walmart Corp offices hoping hoping for a break soon.
I am blessed to be so loved and supported by my husband and family and friends.

Ok so Monday, the Christy Tomlinson 3 hearts workshop starts. Lucky for me I had signed up for this before the big shock of my life layoff and I am going to get to take the class. Here is the link if you are interested in checking it out. http://www.christytomlinson.typepad.com/christytomlinson/workshops.html

I have been altering the cover of an old day planner from 2010 to use for my 3 hearts journal. I have to get some more Mod Podge and maybe a couple of bottles of paint. My awesome hubby fixed the printer last night so now I can print out some great stuff for collage in my journal...so excited. I will post pics as things get going.

Also, through my friend Lisa's blog, (her scrappin deals and steals blinkie is on my side bar) I found another awesome mixed media artist and I love her journaling style and can't wait to try my hand at it. I promise I will post a link to her blog soon, I am not on my laptop so I don't have access to my bookmarks.

Anyhow hope your Saturday was fabulous and your Sunday is even better.



Another Tag

Got one more in before the night was over...Thinking I will get some magnets at Hobby Lobby next time I go and slap some of these on the fridge...
Thanks for checking things out


Finished canvas'

Two canvas' I have been working on. I love working on the canvas' but I just don't know what to do with all of them. I think I am going to pick up an art journal next time I'm at Walmart and just have them all in a journal.
Especially since the Christy Tomlinson 3 Hearts workshop is about to start. Anyhow The one is just an inspirational canvas I did. The other I made for my husband for our 6 year anniversary.
He is so sweet, he told me he wished he had his own desk at work because he would take it and put it on his desk. He makes me smile.

I need to go to hobby lobby and get some wired ribbon and make a bow and glue to the top of the anniversary canvas. Then I can hang it up.
Thanks for taking a look.


Happy Birthday Tag

I made this tag for my daughter to send to her great gran in California. She turned 93 this year.

With my surgery behind me now and some good news in the mail today I think tomorrow will be a day for art.
I love working with the tags but I am also working on a canvas. Have to see what the day brings.

Thanks for taking a look



So many unexpected things this past week. The loss of my job...a surgery date frantically moved up...I don't even know where things are starting and ending right now...

I have to see this as a very unexpected but new opportunity for me. I just hope and pray with all that I am that I can find something soon.

Life has given me some huge lemons this past week...guess I better make some lemonade baby.

I am thankful for my awesome husband, my beautiful and positive daughter, my son who always finds a way to make me smile, and my loving and wonderfully supportive friends. Few as they may be, they are the best I could ever dream of having.




Needed to find some time to get some art in...we got put on mandatory overtime at work this week and even though it's only Monday, I decided I need to find my way to relaxation so I am going to try to make a new tag each night.
I love that they don't take very long but I can still be just as creative.
This is a picture of the one I made tonight.
I drew the swallow onto a dictionary page that I painted and stamped yesterday. I made about 8 different pages so I would have them ready to use. I made the birds nest out of a paper towel cardboard and just cut a few little blue eggs. I mod podged everything. Used some ink to add shading and high lights. I really love how it came out.
I think tomorrow I will use my orange and pink paper.
Thanks for taking a look