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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


Completed Project for Challenge 8 @ Bad Girls

Well here it is...this was a lot of work but I LOVE the outcome...feel free to leave a comment...
TYFL (Thank you for Looking)

Bad week

Just crazy stuff...work...home...
I am working on completing my frame and fill project for bad girls challenge 8. It's due tonight at midnite pacific which is 3 am my time.
I thought I had enough paint for the frame and I dont so I am waiting for Michael's to open up so I can go get the paint I need, then it's just a matter of getting everything put together. {I had enough paint weeee}

I think this will be my last challenge over there for awhile unless I win this challenge then I will have a guest designer spot for February...Swoooon.
Things are getting tight with the ole checking account and I have a few kits in need of attention so.......

I am going to try to get some stuff done with my scrapbooking from the inside out kits and I really want to start doing some of the challenges at dirty scraps too. I also have something long overdue to finish for my mother in law.
When I get my frame and fill project done I will of course post pictures here later tonight.


WoRk iN PrOgReSs

Hello and Happy Sunday!!!!

This is what I am working at the moment for a challenge I am participating in...
I have cut everything by hand.
Working on antiquing the flowers.
Love me some Tim Holtz
The glass beads are being used to meet a requirement of the challenge.
I also have crackle medium and a few other things yet to be revealed heheheeeeee...
Wanna check out the challenge????
Head over to Bad Girls project 52...just hit the link on the right.




Willpower Layout

Below is the layout I did incorporating a calendar and my one word for 2010 for the January kit challenge over at SFTIO.

I decided to make a calendar to document my weight loss.
I am going to California in June and I want to lose 30 pounds
This calendar is right outside of my kitchen and every day I will change the date.
It will help me keep the willpower I need and remind me every day that I CAN DO IT.


No Layout

Ok so I didn't get it done, but I had to paint, and that had to dry and then it was time to go to bed. It should be up tonight. Hopefully lol.



Wednesday....HUMP DAY

My intention tonight is to get over this hump and get a page done. I so wish I had more time. I get home from work and make dinner then I get really tired...NO MORE...I am more than half way done with my calendar layout from SFTIO challenge and I want it done. I want to post it. My goal is to have it posted tonight before I go to bed.
Lets see if I can do it.



Hey check out my new blinkies from DIRTY SCRAPS and CREATIVE FLUTTER.

Click on any of my blinkies to check out the blogs/websites.

Once I am able to start getting more art work done I will have a blinkie made too weeeeeeeeeeee...CANT WAIT.


Day off from work

It is a beautiful day here today. I have had the front and back doors open and the blinds. The sun is shining and it just feels good.
Ok so....I didn't win the challenge over at bad girls. Honestly, I don't agree with how they decide on the 1st challenge of the month. It's a random draw BUT...I look at it this way. It get's my creative juices flowing and I absolutely LOVE the outcome of my projects so I  am the winner every time in my book. I certainly don't expect to win every time but this random thing is.....not to my liking.
Now...the 2nd challenge of the month is done by vote. I have entered twice I think and not won...whatever...
I still intend to continue in the challenges as long as I can afford it.
It's not cheap to go buy things for this type of thing but it's ok.
My goal is to just win the 2nd challenge at least one time so I can be a guest designer. I would really like to get a resume started and it would be really cool to add that I was a guest designer at Bad Girls.
I am also going to start looking into other sites for challenges and see how far I can get with that.
On that note, I already have a design in mind for the frame and fill challenge at Bad Girls so I will be working on that and 2 layouts for challenges over at Scrapbooking from the inside out.
That should keep me busy.
Hope your day has been as beautiful as mine.


Butterfly Birthday Party

Weeeeeeeeeeee...I finished my shadow box for Bad Girls Project 52 challenge #7. It's after 2 am here. I am heading to bed.
Check out the pictures below. They don't even do it justice btw....oh and hubby is going to drill some holes for me in the outer rim so I can put these minnie teenie weensie lights I got inside of the shadow box. Im also thinking about attaching a music box to the back.
I just love this final project so much..




WoW...another week gone and no posts...I have got to get better about this.
I am trying....
I finished the layout I did of Melissa and I love it...see below..

I am now working on Challenge #2 for SFTIO January possibility kit. You have to incorporate your word for the year along with a calendar in the layout somehow. Hehe...I have already started on this and LOVE where it is headed.
My word for the year is Willpower!!! so as soon as I get that finished I will post.
I am also working on the current challenge for Project 52 over at badgirls, a shadow box and you have to incorporate an insect and fabric of some kind. I am going to to head up to Winchester tomorrow, which is 65 miles up the interstate, to see if I can find some inspiration at the Michaels up that way. The one here is just BLEH for scrapbooking stuff.
I am so tired of having to order online to get the latest embellishments. The shipping just doesn't make it worth it.
Ok...let me load up that layout and should have 2 more before the weekend is through.


Bleh @ last week.

WoW I didn't post at all last week. It was just a bad week. Not enough sleep, too much work and too much drama. I am glad it is over.

The one good thing about last week is that I received my January kit of the month from www.scrapbookingfromtheinsideout.com

The kit for January is Possibility. 1st challenge is already up so I have to try to get to it one night this week.
I did get a page almost finished for Melissa.
I just need the title which I have totally been struggling with. I even went to Michaels specifically for letter stickers and I found some really cool ones only to find out that the font was actually 3 different kinds and it didn't have all of the alphabet in each one...GRGRGR.
I am just going to start printing out and cutting my titles I think. I really don't know what else to do. I found a great FREE font site called www.dafont.com so tonight I start downloading. I may get a xyron so I can print the font then run it through the sticker machiney thingy.
Anyhow. This is going to be a better week. I feel it and I have made up my mind of it.
Lots of sleep, lots of art, lots of possibilities, and lots of love.
That should do it.



Fun Weekend

It's been a fun weekend...Melissa had her friend over and Jonathan is off work. Johnny came over too and we played Wii and had fun.
Jonathan is getting ready to hang up my new plate rack and plates that I got for Christmas and it will fill this empty space on my wall that I have been staring at for entirely too long.

I have been working on something for a friend of mine since Wednesday. It's a week by week calendar from close to my heart that she put pictures in for her sister. She asked if I would jazz it up a little but that she needed it by tomorrow. AaaAAaaackk...lol...I got it done and I think she will love it.

Back to work tomorrow oh YaY...it's good...It's a New Year full of endless possibilities and I think it's going to be a great year.