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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.



So the prompt this week in Book of Days was Surrender.

For so long, I have allowed someone elses dysfunction and constant judgement to occupy entirely too much of my mind and question my own integrity. I decided that I would use the word Surrender to no longer allow this to happen.

The words say, The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind

I surrender to trying to figure out this other persons dysfunction. I will never again let this person affect me in this way. My time is too precious, my life is too good and too happy to allow this type of negativity anywhere in it.
The picture below is the page I did for the word surrender. The second picture is of a blank page. The page is no longer blank, I just don't want to share the things I wrote as they are very personal and meant only for myself as a release to the hold this person has had on me for far too long. As a way to silence my mind.

Surrendering is not always a bad thing, especially when it is freeing you from something that is not good for you.



Ok so I entered a contest to win 1 of 5 ATC's over at Denise Phillips blog www.BirdnutsMixedMedia.blogspot.com and I won!!!! Super cool right?

Well now that I have won one of them, I had to make one to send back to her. I have never made ATC cards before...I have seen tons of them and loved the idea of it. A lot of them are very embellished and just so beautiful. There is only one rule with ATC and that is the size. It has to be 2-1/2" wide x 3-1//2" long, the rest is completely up to you.

So I got out some scrap watercolor paper, and my Portfolio water soluble oil pastels, which I absolutely LOVE btw, and started playing around.

I absolutely love anything to do with hearts so this was super cool to play around with. I also used some black and white acrylic and my black liner pens. This is what I came up with...
I am looking for the perfect key to hang up in the corner on the center card and that is the one I am planning on sending to Denise.
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More Book of Days yummieness

Finished my inside cover and right page...the inside cover actually was a fold out from the cover so I used the accordian method that Effy showed in her video to turn that flap into a pocket...
I will write my message to 2011 and put it in the pocket...here is that side...

This next picture is the right side...Im loving how this turned out...
And the full spread...
On the left in 2011 it says...No one can go back and make a brand new start...and on the right it says Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

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I am so happy...I finally got my Book of Days http://effythewild.typepad.com/effy/book-of-days-2012.html cover done and now I am sooo ready to move onto the inside pages. I love watching Effy's vid's they are so fun and so inspiring.
This cover has completely Transformed from how it began and I am beyond excited about how it turned out.

Transformation...my word for the year...
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MadZie (Monica)



This is what I am working on and almost finished with...I have to finish the flowers and add a border...
Melissa named her Harmonie...The wings are from an old butterfly calendar but they were white when I started and it was too plain so I added the color and went from there. I love how she is turning out. I have my next 3 girls sketched out and ready to paint...
Can't wait to finish her up...
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Waterfall journal

I was looking through some pictures tonight and ran across this one...
I decided I am going to do some more work in this beauty tomorrow...It's kind of gotten lost in the shuffle of all of my other projects and I am going to dig it out tomorrow and make some progress on it...I have some new stencils and paper and maps and goodies...can't wait to play..


Update on my February Calendar

Well it's taking a bit of a different direction...there are so many layers on this page now it's awesome...I added some white and some blue, a little stencil action...I'm liking where it's going...so here is an updated picture...I'm hoping to get my February girl painted on it tomorrow and get the dates on the squares then should be pretty much done...I'll post the finished page when done.
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I am done with my 2012 Journal cover...I love how it came out...I've done 2 other sketches and will be painting more of Stevie and her friends...

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2012 Journal Calendar Cover

I've been working on the cover for my calendar and I  L O V E how it's coming along...hopefully I will be finished tonight but here it is so far...
I am becoming obsessed with PINK hair...and I LOVE it!!!!!


Watercolor and Doodliez

I started this page in my journal like a week ago...Got in the doolie mode today so decided to finish it...
I didn't want to crowd the butterfly with too much doodliez and I'm happy with the way this came out.
I titled it "Believe"...I love butteflies and I love doodling so awesome combo if you ask me.

Never stop dreaming...Believe in yourself...Fly...Soar...Inspire...Imagine...BELIEVE...


A little sneakie peak @ my February calendar background

I just started painting...flinging...cutting hearts out of corrugated cardboard...
I think tomorrow I will get out a mask or two and some white paint to lighten it up a bit...
I love the background so far but I don't want to cover it up...
Im thinking about getting some vellum maybe for my day squares and just write on them...
I'm also going to use some stamps to make a valentine girl for the edge of the page...I'm going to incorporate some texture somehow too...
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January Calendar Kathryn Wheel style


Happy Thursday!!! I am excited today, more than usual...I sent a very important email in regards to my job search and am looking forward to getting some feedback and hopefully landing a position.

In the meantime, another one of the projects I'm working on for 2012 is my calendar book. I first saw this in the November 2011 issue of Somerset Studio and immediately fell in love with Kathryn Wheels calendar idea of just jotting down a little sumthin sumthin each day to take you back to an important or special moment.

We don't always have time to write down all the details of things but this way it can be a memory jogger to take you back to that moment, and maybe when you have some time go into greater detail in a full blown journal...anyhow I love it...

I am using an old desk calendar from last year. It's the perfect size. I just gesso the pages then start painting and stamping and doodling...

For January, I used scraps of watercolor paper for my 1-1/2"x1-1/2 inch squares...next month I will probably use some scrap paper...

Anyhow here is my January calendar...If you would like to check out the details of this awesome project you can click on the Kathryn Wheel button on the right side of my blog or just click on this link http://thekathrynwheel.blogspot.com/

Have a fantastic day and by all means HAVE FUN AND CREATE SOMETHING!!!!


For my Goddess Daughter

I loved making my first page in my Life Book and decided to do one for my daughter as well...I asked her what colors she wanted me to work with and went from there..

Tomorrow she is going to work on her list of Goddess Superpowers so we can add them but this is what I have so far...I love it, and she loves it even more...

She is such a shining star...and has such a bright future...I can't wait to add her Superpowers...
I love you Melissa
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Book of Days

My friend Lisa told me about the free class Book of Days over at Effy Wild's awesome site. Getting ready to watch the first video. Definitely click on the link http://wildpreciouslife.com/ and go sign up and have some fun...

There is also a Facebook group for class participants...I'm so excited to be doing this class too..



Life Book Started YAY

So excited...we received our first emails last night with the first lesson from Tam and 2 video's...
Her video's are amazing and she is so informative but also fun to follow along with....
So here is my first page in what will be my Life Book at the end of 2012 after all of the classes with all of the amazing teachers.

I might work on her lips a little more...not completely thrilled with them but I am very happy with the way everything else turned out...
Thanks for taking a look

21 Secrets Class Give-a-Way

This is an amazing upcoming class with 21 different teachers...whoever wins is so very lucky.

click on this link http://diondior.blogspot.com/2012/01/21-secrets-giveaway.html?showComment=1325456410668#c4374946740356351760  to enter for a chance for a spot in this fantastic class..there is a link you can follow from the above site to check out the teachers and what they will be teaching as well...