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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


Put Your Big Girl Panties On

Sometimes ya just gotta deal with so much...and ya just gotta tell yourself it's gonna be ok, so just put your big girl panties on and deal with it...eventually we all get through lifes challenges.
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Freshly Ink'd

My husband is awesome and amazing. He took me to get my sparrow tattoo today, and he got one too.
We don't want our names or matching tatt's on each other.
We have moved so much, and traveled so much in relation to moving and family issues, the sparrows represent this. Sparrows also choose one mate for life, so he wanted one too. They are completely different to look at, but share the same souls.
I love you babe.

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Home from Virginia

My daughter and I arrived home from Virginia. It was a great trip. We stayed with our awesome friends Roy and Belinda.

I got to see my son every day and spend a lot of time with him. It could never be enough but I am so thankful for the time we did have.

He had a lot of fun swimming and spending time with his sister and our friends.

My daughters friend was supposed to come back with us and spend 3 weeks here. Late the night before we left she text my daughter to let her know she was not coming. This has been planned for months, she already has her plane ticket home as well. We made plans here for all kinds of things. My daughter was devastated and later found out that the girl was staying because of a boy she had met only a week prior. Very sad when people don't appreciate true friendship.

Thankfully my daughter has made a few wonderful friends here in Arkansas and we will be able to pick up the pieces.

After I get unpacked and things picked up I will be able to get to work in my journal. Looking forward to that. Seeing my son made me happy and I have this renewed source of energy.

A picture of my kids...my loves...my life...

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Prima Give A Way

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Textured Journal Page

Well I'm pretty sure I'm finished with this. There is one more thing I might add if I can find some at an antique store...
The letters I used aren't exactly what I was looking for but I really like how it turned out and it grows on me more each time I look at it. I love the texture in the hair. It turned out just as I had envisioned it. I really wanted to do something different...

Be Unique...

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A Peak

So awhile back, my daughter gave me all of her old Seventeen and Teen Glamour magazines. I had NO idea she had been hoarding so many LOL, but I am so thankful she did.
The images in these magazines are awesome. One in particular was a circus type layout with so much color and my mind started going crazy with what I could do on some mixed media journal pages.

This is a sneak at one I have almost finished. I just need letters. I made the hair and the flower and I am just trying to use everything I have on hand. This is a side view showing the texture of the hair.

I am hoping to find what I need to finish this tomorrow and post the finished project soon soon.

Thanks for checking it out...come back soon to see the finished project.


A journal page inspired by my husband

I had the idea for this page last night while I was home alone after my husband left for work. With my job layoff and everything that goes along with that, he has been so positive...so very supportive...and he believes in me like nobody ever has before. I know what's it's like to be without him and I don't ever want to know that again, and I am so grateful for him, and I love him so very much. I love the words from the Elton John song "The One" and they fit us perfectly so I included them as my journaling.

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Doodle Crazie

I went doodle crazie today in my art journal with my faber castell pitt pens...it was so much fun. I started another page also but I need to get some fast drying fabric glue.Im working on a really cool dimensional page. Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday's so I'll have to see if they have it an Walmart. JoAnns is quite a drive so not really wanting to go that far just for glue.
Anyhow here is my doodle crazie page.
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GLITZ "Beautiful Dreamer"!!!!

I have been checking the Glitz site every day for a look at their upcoming CHA releases and each day have been blown away more so than the day before.
This Beautiful Dreamer collection is my favorite of the 3 collections they are releasing but they are all just amazing.
If you haven't already, you need to head over and check out the collections and be sure and leave a comment on each one for your chance to win.
Here are the links for the other 2 they showed earlier this week as well.
Dance in the Sunshine http://glitzitnow.blogspot.com/2011/07/introducing-dance-in-sunshine.html
Vintage Blue http://glitzitnow.blogspot.com/2011/07/introducing-vintage-blue.html

A page in my art journal

I have been working on this for awhile. I know it's not the most positive of sayings but it fit the mood I was in at the time I created it so I went with it...It actually put me in a better mood.
Now I get to start working on something else which is a very cool thing.
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New Line from Glitz Designs

WOW...all I can say is WOW...if you have not seen the new line "Dance in the Sunshine" from Glitz Designs you have to head over to the blog and see it. Click on this link and prepare to be WOW'D.

Keep checking back for chances to win their other new awesome paper lines and products that they are revealing for the upcoming CHA show. Awesome beautiful paper lines with all of the extra's and embelliez too.

What are you waiting for???



Graffiti Journals

Seems like it is taking a long time but I got two more journals done and I am very close to having one more done.
Just have to get the cover done.
That's how I spend my 4th off July because hubby had to work :0(...
Hopefully next year he will be off and we can go see some fireworks.

I have made everything. The covers, the flowers, sewed on all of the inside pages. It's been really fun and I love how they turned out. I love LOVE my Bind It All!!!
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