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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


Time Flying

Wow this week really flew by...I have been busy working on some journal pages for another journal that will be for sale on etsy soon. Also our Jeep broke down this week so between the 3 of us we have had one car.
That's always fun.
We won't have the jeep back in operation until probably Wednesday...

Ill post pictures of the junque journal as soon as I finish it.

Have a great evening.



Baking Tonight

I picked up some fresh peaches at Sam's yesterday while I was out shopping.

My intentions were to have them for breakfast but hubby mentioned it would be nice to have some peach cobbler. soooo...I love him so much, and I love to bake so how could I go wrong making some peach cobbler. Now I get to take it to him at work which makes me very happy because I miss him when he's at work.

I use the Paula Dean recipe over at Food Network and it is amazing. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/peach-cobbler-recipe/index.html

Be sure and use Self Rising flour. Trust me I found out the hard way the first time I made it lol.


Rockin the Orange

Yes...its Halloween, and yes its fall, but that's not why my blog is orange.

Recently, through Facebook, I have come to know an awesome young woman who is fighting kidney cancer. She is in for a big battle and having surgery this coming Thursday 27th of October.

The orange ribbon represents Kidney cancer survivors and warriors. Being a 17 year survivor of kidney cancer, I will be rockin the orange until my friend Jeri is better.

Thursday I'll be wearing orange in support of her fight and my daughter is wearing orange as well. I hope and pray and send strength and healing wishes Jeri's way every day.



I feel like the luckiest girl!!!!

I won...I won the most amazing give a way.
A spot in the Life Book online course. Please click the link below and take a look, sign up if you can it is going to be AMAZING!!!


I am so excited. I was in my room and I got the facebook message on my phone and I literally started crying. I know that seems a bit dramatic but I am an emotional person. This has been a very trying year for me, full of life's tests and sacrifices due to a very unexpected job layoff, and this class was something I truly only dreamed of being able to take and be a part of.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Tracy Verdugo... http://artoftracyverdugo.blogspot.com/ 
Tracy is one of the teachers in this amazing online course. Definitely check out her blog, her art work is fabulous and it's just such a happy place to be.

This is description of the course...I can hardly wait to experience all of this with all of the amazing teachers.

Join us for a WHOLE YEAR of amazing growing, art creating, personal development, joy, fun, laughter, friendship, art community, painting, painting, painting, mixed media, gluing, collaging, cutting, sticking things on, drawing, having crazy awesome fun!

And by the end of it, you'll have a beautifully bound journal (or Life Book) with gorgeous art that will have captured your special journey in 2012!


Websters Pages give - a - way

Who doesn't love Websters Pages...and now an awesome give - a - way.
They are doing a staff favorites give - a - way and wow it's just all so awesome.

I don't know how they all chose just one favorite.

I think ANYTHING Websters is the Beez Kneez...hehe...

head over and follow the instructions enter to win. http://websterspages.typepad.com/webstershome/2011/10/wanna-win-websters-staff-favorites.html

Thanks for stopping by


For someone very very special

I recently had someone friend request me on facebook and I am so glad she did.

She is fighting a battle with kidney cancer, and me being a kidney cancer survivor, I feel such a connection to her.

She is a warrior, brave and strong and full of hope and in need of a miracle. I pray for her so much.

She will be having surgery in the next week and I just felt like I needed to do something. I wanted to send her some brightness, some support, and a piece of me, of my miracle.

This is what I made for her today and I am sending it tomorrow.

God Bless Jeri. Here's hopes for a speedy and successful recovery.

Thanks for stopping by


Halloween Canvas

Well...all of my Halloween decorations are in storage and I just can't get to them so I decided to do an 11x14  canvas so I could have something out for my favorite season.

I am not quite finished with it yet. I need to figure out what to do on the boots for laces. Black won't show so I'm contemplating....

Anyhow this is where I'm at with it today...I love it so far.

The background was plain orange then I did swirlies all over it with my darker orange pit pen. It's hard to see in the picture but looks pretty cool in person...

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Tracy Verdugo is going to be one of the teacher's for the year long course called Life Book 2012...this is going to be insanely awesome.

She is giving away a spot in the course and also one of her A M A Z I N G works of art.
Click the linky link below

I entered and I hope I win...it will be such an awesome year of sharing, growing, learning and creating.

Definitely head over there and click on the links to check out the entire course. Take a look at Tracy's art work all over her blog too...it is awesome stuff.



Beautiful Day

I completed the hand made journals I have been working on and got them off to my friend in Arizona who is going to list them in her shop on Etsy...I am so lucky to know such a generous person.

Here are some teaser pictures of them..
They should be up for sale sometime next week...
Ill post the link to the shop as soon as they are listed...

Journal Covers

Miscellaneous inside pages...

Thanks for stopping by



Art Journal today

Felt like doing a sunshine page since its so nice and warm and sunny here...When it gets cold I can open up my journal and go to this page and know that the sun is going to be here again soon. I was playin around in PSP with the second one and amped it up a bit and I liked it so I kept it.

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Today is Homecoming @ my daughter's high school. She is going to have a great time...here's a few pictures...
I take way too many pictures but I don't care...I see a mini album coming together in my future...lol...


Finally finished

This is the journal that has held me up from getting them to my friend to post on Etsy...I love how it turned out though and I have a total of 6 journals I am going to be sending that will be up for sale soon.

Inside pages...
Cover Open
 Close up of flowers.
Thanks for checking it out.

My workspace...TODAY

HA HA...No it does not always look like this but I HAD to do something...I Have been sewing journals and piecing fabric for the covers and it was a mess...
So here is what my workspace looks like for now.
I will be so happy when we can move out of this apartment and into a house and I can have a studio to get lost in again.

Art Today...

I made this with my daughter in mind...hubby and I went to this place yesterday and the only thing I was able to find was some lace so I decided to put it to use.

They did also have a bunch of old sewing patterns for 1.00 a piece so I may go back and grab a few for a project for Xmas.

Anyhow I'm thinking I will give this to Melissa, either that or sometime when I get my studio back I will hang it up with all my other art.



Happy Birthday

To Meee...

Here I am Rawkin my Birthday TiaRa....
Hubby has to work tonight so my daughter surprised me and is taking me out to dinner. My awesome son called me to wish me happy birthday, totally made my day...
Jonathan got me a beautiful card and tomorrow night he is takin me out for steak and LOBSTER ooo000oooo yeahhhhhhhh....

It's been a relaxing and beautiful day.

17 years ago today, on my 30th birthday, I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. I had no idea if I was even going to make it to my surgery date. My kids were 3 yrs old and 6 months old.
17 years later here I am and I feel blessed, I feel more loved than I ever have before, and I feel so very lucky to have survived and not missed a thing...I have an awesome husband, the two best kids in the world, and great friends.
Life is Good



I am finally finished with the journals I have been working on...now to write up the descriptions and my plan is to have them in the  mail to AZ on Wednesday.  Hubby is going to help me with some video's so I can link those to the pictures and descriptions. Can't wait.

I have one more cover that is complete I just have to get the pages sewn and detailed. This one is going to be a travel journal full of map pages and vintage ledger paper and school book paper...

Have a great evening.




Oh man am I ever having time management problems...and I have a lot of time...
I have a pot of coffee going and I am going to stay up tonight and work work work on getting my remains of the day journals done and ready to sell...
There is no excuse for them not being done...hubby has even started asking when? So I know I'm slackin cuz he NEVER questions...

I have 2 to finish tonight, then write up the descriptions and get them in the mail to my awesome friend Lisa who is going to put them up for sale for me in her Etsy shop....

This is what I have been working on getting done today...I sure wish fabric glue dried faster...this cover is all about dimension and I love how it's coming out.

It's all on me and I am ready to get done with these and move on to the other many ideas that I have to work on.


Awesome Week

Here in NW Arkansas we had Bikes Blues and BBQ this past Wed-Sat. Wow what a great time...I've never seen so many bikes and people in one place. It was truly AWESOME...We went 3 out of the 4 nights and had a blast.

Good times...great memories.