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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.



My word for 2014...

INSPIRE:  To fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp to do something creative. 
inspire; 3rd person present: inspires; past tense: inspired; past participle: inspired; gerund or present participle: inspiring

I draw inspiration from so many people, and things, and I just hope that by sharing my art, and trying new techniques and finding inspiration myself as I journey through 2014, that I can inspire someone to try something new, to get creative, or find a new way to express themselves. I know art has opened up things in me I never knew before, and introduced me to some amazing people. So thankful for art and how it has inspired me.
These are other words associated with the definition of inspire. 
stimulate, motivate, encourage, influence, rouse, move, stir, energize, incite, inspirational, encouraging, heartening, uplifting stirring rousing stimulate moving affecting impassioned influential, arouse, awaken, prompt, induce, ignite, trigger, kindle, produce.

Have an awesome weekend



I finished this journal page last night. It started with an amazing Gelli Arts gelli plate print.
I ordered Jill K. Berry's TEXTures 2 stencil set from artistcellar.com and received them in the mail earlier this week. I think I even squeeled when I saw they had come...
Got home last night after a stupid day at work and just had to find my happy place...
I heard this song on the radio last week by Sara Bareilles, BRAVE, and I loved part of the chorus that said, I wanna know, how big is your brave...
It was perfect...

I used pink ink and my ink blender thingy and just started grabbing the TEXTures stencils, in no particular order, and covered the gelli print...that was Monday night. Got home last night and decided to use my black staz on ink pad just around the edges and I LOVEEE how it created another layer. Then out came the stamp..I used a foam stamp for the question mark, from a set I got years ago from Lisa Bearnson....man am I ever glad I got that set of stamps, I think it came with like 38 foam stamps and they are all AMAZING. I use them all the time..then I just used my letter stencil and did the words...
Ran it under my guerilla sewing machine for some texture...then I added the butterflies...I know I know I use butterflies a lot, they just speak to me, and make me happy...
Heres the page...

So there ya have it...
Go have an amazing day...and be brave...no matter what...just be brave...


Counting The Days To Christmas

Hey there and Happy Snowy Friday!!!
Here is my Design Team project this week for Creative Inspirations Paints and I am definitely counting the days to Christmas.
I will tell you this is not at all what I had originally intended on doing. I just went in a completely different direction LOL.

I started by creating a background print on my Gelli Plate using Garnet and Spring Green. I then used an old cardboard tube to create circles and painted over them with the Garnet and Spring Green. Got out my white signo pen and started doodling and turned the circles into ornaments. I framed the print with the black and white checkerboard Duct Tape.
Here's a picture of the background before adding the tree, and some close up shots showing dimension and the Deliquesce Black Embossing powder.

 I cut the Christmas tree by hand then covered it in the Resplendence Emerald Glitter, which by the way is so sparklie, then I embellished it with the clear Jeweled Inspirations.

I printed the numbers on cardstock. The numbers are from the Merry and Bright kit (awesome!!!) by Nancy Baumiller at Deviantscrap.com. I painted another piece of cardstock with the CI Sunshine paint then glued the numbers on and recut them. I adhered them to the border with pop dots. The green background paper is a piece of scrapbook paper I had. I inked the edges with a dark green ink pad.

I inked up the chipboard letters then covered them in the CI Deliquesce Black and they came out awesome. This is the best embossing powder I have ever used. I attached a a red ribbon at the top to hang it.

Here's the final piece. It's crazy and colorful and happy like Christmas!!!!

Here are the Creative Inspirations Paints and products I used with this project.  You can find them here. http://www.creativeinspirationspaint.com/

Hope this inspires you to go create something bright and funky.
Merry Christmas



Happy Saturday...

I did this canvas background awhile back. I decided to see how a background would come out by placing the canvas on my gellii plate. I'll definitely do it again. Thinking about getting the larger gelli plate so I can do some larger canvases.

I mod podged the butterflies on then got out my Portfolio water soluble oil pastels and added some color. Doodled with my Signo white pen and just a black ball point pen...Used a stencil for the letters then called it done...

I hope you find a way to Fly...Everyday.



On the Wings of The Butterflies

Hope Floats on the Wings of The Butterflies...what more can I say.

I love butterflies, I get so excited and awwe struck when I see them. I always want to be around them.

I love working with the gelli plate and the different effects that come through. Someone commented on a post on facebook and said it reminded them of stained glass. I totally love that and now see it in a different way. 



WINGS....We ALL have them

Happy Saturday...

I actually did this gelli print back when I first got my Gelli Plate...I've probably looked at it, and many other prints I've done, 100 times or more.

It's always funny to me how you can do that, look at something so many times, and not see the finished page, then all of the sudden, there I am, stamping and doodling and painting and it all comes together.

I used a large Unity butterfly stamp, which I totally love. I stamped white craft ink from stampin up, then used the Creative Inspirations pink embossing powder. The sparkle and shine that embossing powder brings is like nothing I've ever used before. Then I used a white pen to outline all the detail and really make it pop.

I love how it came out. I am in the process of designing a journal cover to create a gelli journal with all of my pages, one that I can continue to add to.

Here is the finished page, and detail of the amazing embossed butterfly below...

Have a great weekend.


A shabby Christmas Banner

Hello everyone.I decided I wanted to make a banner for my project this week to hang on the mirror over my fireplace and I wanted it to be shabby to go with my decor.

I started with burlap and heavy card stock. After cutting the burlap base, I cut the card stock smaller than the burlap, then crumpled it in my hand. I painted two coats of Creative Inspirations Tan for the base. After it dried I used Tim Holtz vintage photo with the blending tool over the high spots on the wrinkled paper, then some soot to bring out more depth. I then used a paper punch to achieve the lace look edging and used my fingers to cover that with white Gesso, then highlites of Creative Inspirations Ivory.

I sewed the paper to the burlap, this was a challenge. Burlap is not easy to sew on but I was determined.

I then stamped the circular lace onto cardstock with Tim Holtz vintage photo, then cut out the edges and center and sewed it to the burlap and paper banner piece.

The blue in the middle lace stamp is painted with Creative Inspirations Turquoise,  which I then stamped over with white gesso to bring out the detail. Lightly rubbed some vintage photo over that. The typewriter key letters are just printed from online.

I dry brushed the flower trim with the Tim Holtz vintage photo, then brushed over that with the Creative Inspirations Tan...

As always, the shimmer on these pieces is amazing and I love how it all turned out.


Love Grows Here

A Gelli print journal page...husband had just had surgery, it was a long 2 days and I just needed something uplifting...
Art always makes me feel better. It's such a great way to release negativity and find something positive in any situation.
Its been a long 3 months since the motorcycle accident and my husband has dealt with some serious pain, and even 2 days after the surgery I could see a change in him. Even though he was in pain from the surgery, he could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Doing everything I could to take care of him and make him comfortable and to finally see the hope in his face and the tone in his voice was so uplifting to me, and as hard as it's been I have loved taking care of him. Love grows here every single day, even in the tough times, it grows...




This journal page and the quote is inspired by something my daughter shared with me. I googled the quote and found nothing which is way cool.

I love my daughter so much, love butterflies, and love my Gelli Plate...Those combined with an awesome quote and this is what you get. For Melissa

Thanks for stopping by...
Go Make some ART


All Hearts Come Home

Happy Friday everyone!!!
I was feeling the Spirit of Christmas tapping me on my shoulder this week and decided to create a tag in a Christmas theme. My son lives too far away to be home for Christmas this year but I know his heart is always here, and mine with him....that is my inspiration for this tag. 

Here is a shot of the elements before I put the tag together...

The background on the tag is a gelli print that was originally done by the amazing Denise Phillips and sent to me as a swap gift. I brushed Sky Blue over the entire tag which brought out just the shimmer I was looking for, and I love that its transparent to still see the original print.

And the finished tag...

The house is heavy cardstock that I first painted with Blush, then I used a heavy modeling paste and a stencil for some texture. I painted the paste after it dried, first with Sage, then over that with Mint.

The roof is just corrugated cardboard, painted with Chocolate, then highlights of Burnt Sienna. The snow on the ledge of the roof is a paper doily edge painted with Winter Frost.

The tree was just free hand cut from scrapbooking paper and painted with Spring Green, and the Star is painted with Bright Yellow. I sewed around the edges of the tree, and also the tag, then glued little plastic Christmas tree lights onto the tree.

I used the Deliquesce Super Sparkle Pink on the door and the heart. This is the first chance I have had to use the Deliquesce and I LOVE IT...

I doodled on the print of the tag and the house with a white gel pen then just glued everything down.

Here are the colors I used.

Hope this gets you in the mood for the upcoming Holiday's. 


Do You Believe?

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!!!!

Do you Believe? I sure hope you do, and I hope you never give up on your wishes or dreams.

I love wish fairies, I have never looked at them as weeds. There's just something about being able to take something from nature, and send it off in the wind full of wishes. To me they are magical and I wanted to do a journal page that was just as magical.

The CI Paints brought such a shimmer and added element of magic to this page and I just love how it turned out.

I did the background on and 8-1/2x11 piece of heavy card stock using Aquamarine, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Blush and Buttercup. I just kept layering until I achieved what I was after.

I love the way the colors blend...

Next I designed the wish fairies. I actually used chipboard shapes and just arranged them on a piece of heavy card stock then traced around them and cut it out as one piece with an exacto knife.

The greens of the stems were done with Emerald and Green Olive. I used fairy dust as a first layer on the wish fairies...I then glued the piece down to the back ground. Then I mixed Blue Ice with my Liquitex Coarse Texture Gel and applied it using a stencil and palette knife...after that dried I went over the fairies with another layer of the Blue Ice...glued a crystal in the middle of each and it was done.

Here are the colors I used

Have a MaGiCaL Weekend!!!



Take Flight

Finally finished this 6x6 canvas this morning. I started it a couple of weeks ago. Trying to do a series of 4. This is the 2nd...the first one is the Journey canvas I posted previously.

Really happy with how they are coming out...

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a FaBuLoUs day


My first Creative Inspirations Paint Design Team Project

So thankful and excited to be a part of the Creative Inspirations Design team and very excited to use these amazing paints.

If you know me at all, you know I am all about color. I love having so many different color choices with these amazing paints. They are awesome to work with and blend so great. The shimmer factor is amazing.

I did this project on the back side of a canvas because I wanted dimension.

The background is done on my Gelli Plate using Royal Blue, Aqua Marine, Turquoise, and Plum.

I placed a stencil over that after it dried and used Buttercup and Pumpkin for the swirlies. I used a dry stipple brush to apply the paints with the stencil. I outlined the swirls with a black ball point pen.

On the flowers, I used Plum, Aqua Marine, Fuchia, and Evergreen. I also used the crystals in the center of the flowers. I also used the crystals on the Tim Holtz ornate frame.

On the leaves, I used Evergreen, Buttercup, Fuchia, and Pumpkin. 
The outside of the frame was painted with Sapphire.

For the bricks I used a brick stencil and Liquitex Coarse Texture Gel. I mixed Burnt Clay, Chocolate, and some Garnet into the texture gel before applying it to the frame. These colors stayed true and shimmery even with the blending of the texture gel...Amazing!!!! I then just used my finger to add depth and highlites with the Garnet, and some white gesso after the texture paste dried.

The butterfly was a print out that I cut into 4 individual wings. I printed it out on white heavy cardstock then filled in the outline. I used Garnet, Fuchia, Pumpkin, Buttercup, and Onyx. I used a white signo pen for the white dots and highlites on the butterfly.

Here are the paints I used...

 I hope this project inspires you and serves as a reminder that There is Always Something to be Thankful For.


Creative Inspirations Paint Give-Away

Hey everyone. Really excited to share this with you! Creative Inspirations Paint is having a giveaway! It's in honor of the new design team as we wait for our reveals. 

Stay Tuned!!! My first post goes live Thursday, Oct. 17! Woo Hoo!!!

To celebrate and waiting to see the new DT members reveals lets have a fun giveaway!! 
All you have to do is share on the facebook and here on the blog http://creativeinspirationspaint.blogspot.com/ your favorite CIP color! Every Sunday for the next 2 weeks we will be drawing names for 2 people to win their favorite CIP color!
Each day you leave a comment on the blog or facebook one a day per person on facebook, blog or both your name will be entered into the drawing for each day!
That means you have a chance for your name to be added 14 times for a chance to win, if you leave a comment each day on the blog and facebook!
The 2-winners will be announced Sunday night 10pm CST!
What's your #1 favorite Creative Inspirations Paint color?!



What a Week!!! And now for some studio time!!!

Whew...happy for the weekend...started my permanent schedule at the new job...getting up at 5 am is going to take a little more getting used to but I LOVE getting off at 330!!! awesome week and so much to be thankful for and look forward to.

Also received my Creative Inspirations paints and today, (insert SQUEEL here) after a trip to Hobby Lobby, I will be in the studio working on my first DT project. Very excited to get to use these amazing paints and I am looking so forward to the end result!!!


Have a FaBuLoUs EVERYTHING!!!!



Be Your Beautiful Self

Starting this new job has been so exciting, and its also made me nervous, and kind of, just kind of insecure.
It's been so long since I've worked in a corporate environment with a lot of people. I just need to remember to be myself so I decided to do a journal page and share it to remind everyone to just Be Your Beautiful Self.

It's a gelli print background. The border is done with some left over borders from one of Nancy Baumillers kits at Crowabout StudioB at deviantscrap.com, and also some washi tape. I used india ink and my calligraphy pen to write in the words and the heart. The Be and Beautiful are a foam stamp and I used a letter stencil and white paint for the other words. Fun Stuff.

Thanks for stopping by...


There are NO RULES in Art

Earlier today, one of my facebook friends, Nicci Dot C A, posted a colorful picture that said to Color Outside of the Lines...this has always been one of my favorite things to say, hear, read...etc...it inspired me to make this journal page using...BIG SURPRISE...hehe, one of my Gelli prints...

It's so important for EVERYONE to remember there really are no Don'ts...or NO RULES in art...and apparently DON'TS isn't even a word LMBO...awesome...that makes it even better...

I really hope that someday, when I am not here anymore, to physically have an impact on some future amazing person, that my art will inspire them to just follow their soul and just let the brush or their fingers or whatever flow...just do it...just make art...with no rules...

Thanks for stopping by...
Hey tomorrow's FRIDAY...have a FaBuLoUs Weekend!!!!


Gelli Journey Cards

In a previous post I showed pics of some prints I have sewn together for a book for my daughter.

She is on a roller coaster ride in life right now, a true test of her strength, and faith in herself, which she is struggling with. It's been a rough year and a half and it's all taking its toll. That's where I come in. I want her to have positive messages to reach for in her unsure moments, and know that they come completely from my heart and soul.

I so know what it's like to have low self esteem, to feel constantly judged, and to question ones self on way too regular of a basis...I want to make this easier for her to go through and also let her know that even when she doesn't believe in herself, or what the future holds, that I do, and I always will...

She will be moving back home after this semester in college is over mid December and I want to have it for her as a welcome home gift when she gets here. I will be posting my progress on getting this done for her.

Thanks for stopping by.

Here Comes the Sun

With such an exciting week this past week, I have been overwhelmed with happy feelings and am finally feeling like my future is going to be stable again.

The job market here in AR has been devastating for my career, and after working a part time minimum wage job for the last few months things were really getting scarey. Landing my new job with a government contractor, and the opportunities that presents to me is HUGE for me. It's exactly what I have been hoping, praying, yearning for. My art has been a saving grace for me through all of the changes in my life and I am so glad I have it as an outlet.

Then to find out I have been chosen for the Creative Inspirations Paints Design team filled me with happiness...

I did this art journal page using one of my Gelli Plate backgrounds, and images from Nancy Baumiller at Crow About StudioB deviantscrap.com . I love her stuff...

I used borders and images from the Wierdo's collection, then doodled and sewed on the page. It's bright and funky and makes me very happy.

Hope you have a bright and funky week.


Sharing some most excellent news!!!!

I am SOOO excited!!!!! Earlier this month, I submitted my information and some art for the Creative Inspirations Paint design team call...Last night I received an email letting me know that I made the design team. Hubby and I were out for a celebratory dinner in regards to my new job and I didn't even get the email until this morning...I've already had an amazing week and this news just took it to a whole other level...

The announcement was just made on the company blog and you can check it out here http://creativeinspirationspaint.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-announcement.html

I can't wait to get to know everyone and have fun making art and inspiring other people to try new things.

Be sure and check out the other design team members blogs and follow us as we move forward on this journey.

Have a FaBuLoUs weekend...and STAY TUNED!!!!!



I am working on a little mini reminder flip book for my daughter. She is going through some emotional stuff right now, and I want her to have something to remind her of how awesome she is, and that she will get through this.
I am combining Gelli prints by cutting and sewing them. This is just the first step...more to follow.

The Evolution of a Gelli Print.....Part 1.

More to follow....

Got a couple of journal pages done. I really love my Gelli Plate...it makes the most amazing backgrounds. I love adding other papers, fabric, sewing, and whatever I can grab for.

The first one is just a reminder to find something beautiful in each day.
The second one is for my hubby. It says (in French) You touch my heart, and kiss my soul...I love you.

I love making pages with messages for my husband and my kids. I am always thinking of them.

Thanks for stopping by.


Here's a picture of another apron I made for a friend...

They are so much fun to make.

Have a colorful art filled day!!!!!
Life is crazy, but it's a beautiful mess...
Between my job situation, my husbands knee going out on him, then his motorcycle accident, and my daughter being sick, art has been my refuge....

This journal page background is actually my scrap paper from the excess paint on my brayer doing gelli prints.

I added texture paste, drywall tape, sewed on some fabric scraps, and I received my new favorite butterfly stamp from Unity in the mail this week...

My life is a beautiful mess, and I am here to ART OUT LOUD.

Go make some art....


I got this gelli print altered up tonight. Even sewed on the inside of all of the stars...I love the song When the Stars Go Blue by Tim McGraw so the chorus worked perfect with this print...I added the words digitally and this was all I could do tonight...might mess with it a little tomorrow...

Thanks for stopping by...
Have a great Monday.

A little canvas work

I got some time yesterday and a little today to work on and finish up a canvas. Haven't done much canvas work in awhile. I'm really happy with how this came out. I have 3 more so going to try to get them done during the week. I also have an apron to make, and 4 journals to do closures for, then I really want to get some things up for sale in my etsy shop...

Here's the canvas....Journey...

I'm going to pick up another package of 4 6x6 canvases and do a grouping similar to this for my house. Hubby said to me today, you make all this art but you don't hang any of it up in our house...My art is typically very colorful, and my decor is industrial shabby chic, so I am going to do a grouping in muted colors with industrial embellishments.

Thanks for stopping by.


Altered book WIP

So the class was awesome. I am so happy to have finally gotten to meet Cheryl. We really had a great time.
I loved working with the Splash of Color products, they really are great.
I am excited to get to work on the inside pages. I'm sure I will be adding a few more little details to the cover as well.

Here it is so far.

Thanks for taking a look.
Have a FaBuLoUs everytying