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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


Do You Believe?

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!!!!

Do you Believe? I sure hope you do, and I hope you never give up on your wishes or dreams.

I love wish fairies, I have never looked at them as weeds. There's just something about being able to take something from nature, and send it off in the wind full of wishes. To me they are magical and I wanted to do a journal page that was just as magical.

The CI Paints brought such a shimmer and added element of magic to this page and I just love how it turned out.

I did the background on and 8-1/2x11 piece of heavy card stock using Aquamarine, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Blush and Buttercup. I just kept layering until I achieved what I was after.

I love the way the colors blend...

Next I designed the wish fairies. I actually used chipboard shapes and just arranged them on a piece of heavy card stock then traced around them and cut it out as one piece with an exacto knife.

The greens of the stems were done with Emerald and Green Olive. I used fairy dust as a first layer on the wish fairies...I then glued the piece down to the back ground. Then I mixed Blue Ice with my Liquitex Coarse Texture Gel and applied it using a stencil and palette knife...after that dried I went over the fairies with another layer of the Blue Ice...glued a crystal in the middle of each and it was done.

Here are the colors I used

Have a MaGiCaL Weekend!!!


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