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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


I feel like the luckiest girl!!!!

I won...I won the most amazing give a way.
A spot in the Life Book online course. Please click the link below and take a look, sign up if you can it is going to be AMAZING!!!


I am so excited. I was in my room and I got the facebook message on my phone and I literally started crying. I know that seems a bit dramatic but I am an emotional person. This has been a very trying year for me, full of life's tests and sacrifices due to a very unexpected job layoff, and this class was something I truly only dreamed of being able to take and be a part of.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Tracy Verdugo... http://artoftracyverdugo.blogspot.com/ 
Tracy is one of the teachers in this amazing online course. Definitely check out her blog, her art work is fabulous and it's just such a happy place to be.

This is description of the course...I can hardly wait to experience all of this with all of the amazing teachers.

Join us for a WHOLE YEAR of amazing growing, art creating, personal development, joy, fun, laughter, friendship, art community, painting, painting, painting, mixed media, gluing, collaging, cutting, sticking things on, drawing, having crazy awesome fun!

And by the end of it, you'll have a beautifully bound journal (or Life Book) with gorgeous art that will have captured your special journey in 2012!


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