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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.



So many unexpected things this past week. The loss of my job...a surgery date frantically moved up...I don't even know where things are starting and ending right now...

I have to see this as a very unexpected but new opportunity for me. I just hope and pray with all that I am that I can find something soon.

Life has given me some huge lemons this past week...guess I better make some lemonade baby.

I am thankful for my awesome husband, my beautiful and positive daughter, my son who always finds a way to make me smile, and my loving and wonderfully supportive friends. Few as they may be, they are the best I could ever dream of having.


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