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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


Studio Time This Weekend

Hello Beautifuls....

I got to spend some time in my studio this weekend...my intention was to clean up from the projects I have been working on lately...

I was somewhat successful and decided to use as many of my scraps as I could...

It is always so important to me to stay in the positive so this has been reflecting in my art more so than ever lately.

People close to me are on my mind and in my heart and prayers and my art is a great outlet for these feelings of hope and wellness for everyone.

This entire background is made using scraps I have had laying around...some ink splattered and some washi tape...the black and white border is my favorite duct tape...awesome stuff

This is a gelli plate background that I have had for awhile...The pink butterfly is cut out from some Donna Salazar scrapbook paper I won a couple of years ago...

This is another gelli plate background that I did mid week and just got finished up this weekend...those butterflies are from the same Donna Salazar paper and I layered them...It says...Even if you trust nothing else, you have to learn to trust your wings. They are there for you...waiting for you to FLY...

I did this page while thinking of my husband and kids...This was done on scrap paper, and the heart is actually the negative from the heart I did last week...and the torn strips are from that same paper as well...It says...If you could look inside my heart you would see lots of things. You would see fear, pain, scars, and even some confusion. But all of those things would be over shadowed by LOVE LOVE AND JOY AND HAPPINESS. You and the kids. you bring me to a place in my heart where I wanna stay forever.

Use your scarps, get out your mod podge and just start collaging. Art doesnt have to be perfect and it doesnt have to be for anyone buy you to love.

Thanks for stopping by...Hope I have inspired you to use some of your art scraps you might otherwise discard, and also to stay positive and always have hope...


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