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I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend a daughter, and artist.

If there was a way I could spend as much time in my studio creating as I do working my regular 40 hour job I would do it in a heartbeat. I am loving discovering myself through art and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


Soul Mates Mixed Media 12 x 12 canvas

Hi everyone. I'm here this week with my project. I'm trying to make more art to hang in my house and not just my studio, so I made this 12x12 chunky canvas with an industrial-steam punk theme. 
My husband truly is my soul mate and I love these pictures of us so I decided to incorporate them into this piece. 
Here is the list of products I used.
Art Anthology Colorations Sprays in Cinnamon Toast, Raider, Paprika, and Studio Blue.
Art Anthology Sorbet in Veridian and Vegas Gold
Art Anthology Metal Effects in Bronze and Copper.
White India Ink, and various stamps and metal gears.
So I started with a stencil, and some heavy modelng paste. Applied the modeling paste with a palette knife in various areas of the canvas. This piece was pre gesso'd so I didn't have to do that first. 
soulmates 1
Here is a shot of the texture before I applied any color
soulmates 2
I grabbed my Colorations Sprays in Cinnamon Toast and Raider 
soulmates 3
I randomly sprayed both colors, heavier in some spots up top, to get some awesome drippage. After this dried I sprayed a fixativ so I could add more layers of color. I added Studio Blue, and also kept re applying the Cinnamon Toast and Raider until I got the look I was going for, which you will see in the final piece. :)
soulmates 4
Next I started working on the elements I wanted to use. I grabbed some corrugated cardboard that I tore up, and my Art Anthology Gesso. I love this gesso because it really creates texture. It doesn't absorb into the media because its thick and gritty. I love that. 
soulmates 5
Here it is applied to the cardboard. See all the texture? Love it.
soulmates 6
Next. using a palette knife, I applied Art Anthology Sorbet in Veridian. 
soulmates 7
Here you can see some change in the color. I mixed some of the Art Anthology Sorbet in Vegas Gold into the Veridian and applied that. I also applied some of the Art Anthology Metal Effects in Copper and Bronze. 
soulmates 8
I then grabbed the Colorations Spray in Cinnamon Toast and lightly sprayed around the edges. I love how this gave it a rusty look. It was just what I was going for. 
soulmates 9
Here are some other elements. Just scrapbooking paper I tore, then sprayed with the Cinnamon Toast to age it. The card on the left is a stamp. That is Sprayed with Cinnamon Toast, and Studio Blue. 
soulmates 10
I did a lot of misting with this project and as I sprayed, I laid a piece of cardstock on my mat to soak up all of the excess spray...I then used a few stamps and randomly stamped and ended up cutting out these hearts to use on my project. 
soulmates 11
Here you can see the finished project. Before I adhered any of the pieces, I grabbed my white India Ink and flung it randomly over the project. Then I started gluing down my pieces. The gears were the most time consuming but I love the finished piece, and so does hubby.
soulmates 12
Can't wait to get this hung up in our family room. 
soulmates 13
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  1. Absolutely Fabulous! And my all time new favorite piece of your art!!! You guys are an awesome looking couple to boot!! xoxo
    I am really thankful for the tutorial and the closeups- I love the way you create Monica!!

  2. Thank you my sweet friend....you make me smile...I heart you